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Personal Tax Returns (1040) – Starting at $250

1040 Individual Tax Return

Let us help you file your Personal 1040 Tax Return in the USA. Tax Returns for Individuals are due on April 15. We can help you file without having to visit the USA. Free ITIN Number to all non-residents applying for the first time.


More Info
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • ContadorMiami can help you file your personal tax returns from the comfort of your home. Our tax technology allows us to quickly and efficiently prepare your personal tax return for your business and file electronically with the IRS.

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  • Do I Have To File in the USA?
  • If you’ve done business in the USA and either made or lost money, there is a good chance you will have to file an Individual Tax Return with the IRS (the US Federal Government). Also, if a company you own is an LLC or an S-Corp, you will also most likely have to file.
  • What is an ITIN? Do I Need One?
  • ITIN stands for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. If you are a foreign national or other non-resident alien, you will have to apply for an ITIN in order to file your taxes in the USA. ContadorMiami will help you with this process. Please note, you will have to provide us with a Certified Copy of Your Tax Return from the Issuing Agency of the passport. Please ask us for information regarding this process.

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  • Important Tax Dates
  • Federal Deadlinew/ ExtensionState Filing Required
    1040 Individual TaxApril 15October 15Depends on State
    1065 LLCMarch 15September 15No
    1120 C CorporationAbril 15October 15Yes
    1120 S CorporationMarch 15September 15No
  • Pricing
  • All personal tax returns start at $150 per filing. If you own any properties under your personal name, price will increase at $50 per property.

Create an LLCCreate a CorpTax Returns in USA